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23 mars 2015


Welcome to my blog . This blog will talk about Australia and regions ...♥

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26 mars 2015


Sydney is one of the largest city in Australia and is also a city known worldwide.

Sydney is located in south-eastern Australia on the shore of the Tasman Sea. The city has more than 4 million .Sydney is the most populous city in Australia. Its inhabitants are called Sydneysiders Sydneyites or in English, and in French Sydnéens.

Several monument is located in the heart of Sydney as his opera "Opera House" and tower "Sydney Tower" and other monument such as the bridge



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personality that went to sydney

  A French reality show sent several personality in Australia to collect fons for association "a dream a smile"

The name of this reality is "les anges de la téléréalité 6"


Personalities are:






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27 mars 2015

The animals living in australia

Many animals live in Australia and are not present in other countries such as:     



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30 mars 2015

Celebrities living in Australia

there are many celebrities living in Australia as:

-Nicole KIDMAN




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31 mars 2015

national anthem

Hi, I speak about I do in Australia I eared typicals songs australians:


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